Hublite Prototype

Product Information

Hublite is a magnetically powered LED light that connects to a train's wheel and runs on the energy produced by the moving train.

Product Specifications
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10 year or 1 million mile life expectancy
No replacement parts or batteries required
No loss in output
Automatically activated when moving, and even maintains a charge for 20 minutes when train is stopped
No leakage, therefore lighting system cannot be damaged
Environmentally friendly - No disposal problems
Minimal replacement costs - Simple installation means minimal labour costs too. Hublite is as easy to install as reflective tape, but is more effective.
Units can be installed by anyone. Since there is no particular skill needed, they can even be installed during routine bearing maintenance.
Lighting system never has to be opened so there is no risk of damage to the unit
Each unit is independently powered, which allows for progressive implementation. No connections between either lights or train cars means that units can be added as required.
Centrifugal action makes units self cleaning.
Supercapacitor and flasher use automotive grade electronic components.
Hublite uses lights that are approved by the Department of Transportation.
U.S. Patent Pending

Front, side, and back views of the Hublite prototype:

Hublite mounted on a train.

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