Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Hublite last?
It is virtually indestructible and will run for approximately 10 years or 1 million miles.
Does it require batteries?
No. Hublight uses the energy produced by the moving train wheels to function and therefore provides continuous 24 hour daily lighting on moving rail cars. Its super capacitor provides power for up to 20 minutes after the train is stopped.
Does Hublite require a lot of maintenance?
No. It only has one moving part, which does not require maintenance for the life of the product.
Is Hublite easy to install?
Yes, it installs with ease and requires minimal labour time.
Has this technology been used before?
Yes. There is a bicycle safety light that is based on the same principle. The Red Alert bicycle flashing safety light uses the same type of technology.
What happens if a train is stopped on a crossing?
Hublite maintains a charge for 20 minutes after the train stops, so it will continue to flash for longer than the amount of time a train can legally stop on a crossing.
Why won't rail companies do something about preventing accidents?
The rail companies have neither been forced to take action, nor have they had a workable option like Hublite for making their trains more visible.
Where can I find statistics on rail car accidents?
See our Facts page for details.

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