From the Canadian Transportation Safety Board Statistical Summary of Railway Occurrences 1998 and 1999 (to October 1999):

 There are a total of 15,387 passive warning (uncontrolled) public crossings in Canada.

 There are an additional 28,500 private and farm crossings across the country.

 In addition to these approximately 44,000 uncontrolled crossings, there are 5,363 flashing lights and bells crossings, 1,643 gated crossings, and 31 other automated warning crossings across Canada.

 Most of the fatalities and injuries that occur are at crossings.

 During the period from January to October 1999, there were 224 crossing accidents across Canada.

 There were 26 people killed and 31 people seriously injured in these accidents.

 Since 1989, an average of 314 accidents annually involve railcars carrying a dangerous good.

From the United States Federal Railroad Administration (as of 12/31/99):

 There are 157,723 public and 99,993 private at-grade crossings in the United States.

 In the period from January to November 1999 there were 3,138 highway-rail crossing incidents in the U.S.

 These incidents resulted in 367 highway rail fatalities.

For Your Information

 Trains in Canada currently operate at speeds up to 100 miles per hour and therefore would require several kilometres to stop.

 More than one in ten collisions at rail crossings results in fatality.

 Some of the factors that contribute to collisions are: crossing conditions, obstructed view, train speed, lack of visibility of train, and lack of protection at crossings.

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